Make More Money by Adopting These 7 Habits of the Wealthy



If you think about it, your life is largely the result of your habits. Your waistline is a result of your diet and exercise habits. If you have the habit of picking up after yourself, your house is probably neat and uncluttered.

Likewise, if your money habits aren’t conducive to building wealth, you might lack for money.

Let’s take a look at several habits of a self-made wealthy person:

1. A focus on assets. It’s true that your accountant might consider your car to be an asset, but a wealthy person would not. To someone that has wealth, an asset is something that creates income or additional value. Your car does not meet this requirement.

* Spend as much as you can on real assets. These are things like stocks, bonds, businesses, precious metals, and similar items. Focus on buying assets instead of buying ‘stuff’.






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William Case

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