Q&A: What Business Credit Cards Don’t Affect Your Personal Credit Score?

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What cash rewards business cards don’t hold individuals personally responsible for the purchases? Is there a business card that will completely separate my business reporting from personal reporting?

Unfortunately, if your business credit card is in your name (rather than just your employer’s), you are personally liable for the debts. The card also goes on your credit history and Personal Credit Score. However, if you aren’t self-employed, you can ask your employer to give you a card where the company, not you, is liable.



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  1. Reviewing the information included in your credit reports
    can tip you off if someone is already using yyour information to open
    credit or phone accounts in your name. The intent of the government was
    to potect debtors from having inasccurate
    information used against them. The applications
    for the grants are also available through this site, making it easy to apply for several different grants orr low interest loans
    all from one place. Federal credit unions are regulated by the National Credit Union Administration.
    Consumers who find that they have open accounts that they were unaware of should also
    take the needed steps to close the accounts and have the
    report of the closure reported to the credit reporting agencies.

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